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About Jen

Hi, I'm Jen. At some point in my 20's, I realized that life is short and I had put most of my dreams on hold for far too long. I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, wild monkeys in Costa Rica, and so much more. And so I made a bucket list and I got to work accomplishing the things on my list.

I started this website to inspire other people to conquer their bucket lists. I hope you find information and inspiration that helps you plan your own bucket-list adventure.
Jen (California, USA)

P.S. Check out the novels based on my experiences: visiting Japan (Lost in Tokyo), living in Southern California (Lost in Los Angeles), and working with wild and exotic animals (Wild Animal School). I've also written a series set in a dystopian future society (Above the Sky series) that is inspired mostly by my imagination.

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I hope you surf away with new ideas for your bucket list, and I hope your visit to inspires you to make your wildest dreams come true!