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About J.W. Lynne
Years ago, I realized that life is short and I had put most of my dreams on hold for far too long. I decided to start carrying out my bucket list and to share my experiences on this website, to help other people plan their own adventures.

I enjoyed writing about my adventures so much that I started writing screenplays and novels. I based some of my stories on my real-life experiences: visiting Japan (Lost in Tokyo), living in Southern California (Lost in Los Angeles), and working with wild and exotic animals (Wild Animal School). I also wrote a series set in a dystopian future society (Above the Sky series) that was inspired by my love of The Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins) and Divergent (by Veronica Roth). My newest books (The Unknown and its sequel, The Haven) were loosely inspired by my love of the Netflix series Stranger Things. All of these novels are available at Amazon!

May you find inspiration in my stories, and may your own wildest dreams come true!

~ Jen

Adventures that are still on Jen's bucket list:

Voice a character in an animated movie or theme park ride

Perform in a musical on Broadway

Spend the night at Cinderella’s Castle Suite in Disney's Magic Kingdom

Do a "silly pose" with Phil Keoghan on an Amazing Race pit stop mat, preferably in an exotic location


Jen's top 20 favorite bucket-list experiences

Visiting Harry Potter movie filming locations in Oxford and London, and staying overnight at one of the filming locations for Hogwarts
(United Kingdom)

Exploring the Grand Canyon
(Arizona, USA)

Visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
(Florida, USA)

Exploring Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland

Meeting and feeding wild monkeys

Going whale watching in a zodiac

(Florida, USA)

Mushing a dogsled
(Alaska, USA)

Swimming in a bioluminescent bay
(Puerto Rico, USA)

Hiking among the hoodoos (unique rock formations) in Bryce Canyon
(Utah, USA)

Going to Walt Disney World for the holidays
(Florida, USA)

Going to Disneyland for a Halloween party and for the holidays
(California, USA)

Riding horseback on a beach

Going to "Jurassic Park" (AKA: Kaua'i)
(Hawai'i, USA)

Seeing a glacier up close
(Alaska, USA)

Touring Europe
(England, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France)