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I went to Ben Stiller's Hand and Footprint Ceremony!

~ A photo essay by Jen (California, USA)*

The TCL Chinese Theatre forecourt dressed up for the hand and footprint ceremony.
I entered the forecourt about an hour before the ceremony. Last minute preparations were underway.
A thin layer of fresh concrete was added to the hardening concrete that was already in the box when we arrived. I guess that's how they keep the celebrities from sinking too far down when they leave their footprints.
Tom Cruise took the podium first.
Tom Cruise talked about his friendship with Ben Stiller as Ben's family and friends (right) looked on.
Tom Cruise warmly welcomed Ben Stiller to the stage.
Ben Stiller's speech was funny (of course)!
Ben Stiller's family and friends (including Tom Cruise) listen to Ben's remarks.
My unzoomed-in view of Ben Stiller at the podium.
Once Ben Stiller kneeled to make his handprints in the cement, I couldn't really see him, but, with my camera held high above my head, I was able to capture the moment.
Ben Stiller just after placing his hands in the cement.
Ben Stiller shows his cement-covered hands to the media. Based on all the yelling from the photographers, they really wanted to capture this shot.
Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise chat after posing for photographers. (Judd Apatow and Ben's wife, Christine Taylor, look on.)
Ben Stiller poses for a family photo. I love the sweet look his daughter is giving him!
After the ceremony, Ben Stiller surprised fans along the barricades by posing for a few photos. This Canadian tourist asked Ben to do a "Zoolander look" and he obliged!

Ben Stiller's hand and footprint ceremony was held on December 3rd, 2013
at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, USA.


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*Jen attended Ben Stiller's hand and footprint ceremony as a contest winner.