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Tokyo Disney Resort’s 30th Anniversary “Happiness Year” Celebration!

Tokyo Disney Resort is celebrating their 30th anniversary. They’ve dubbed it “The Happiness Year.” So what does that mean for park guests? Here’s what I noticed during my visit.

Happiness Sharing Spots

“A magical trash can?” I asked my friend incredulously.

Along a rocky wall in Mysterious Island, the Jules Verne-inspired Tokyo DisneySea “land,” were Mickey-shaped balloons, white streamers that turned gold at their tips, colorful little bubbles, silver sparkles, and, yes, it was definitely a trash can.

A little girl, who had been walking by with her mother, stopped to press a button below the trash can that had an image of Mickey’s hand on it. Tiny lights within the streamers began to glow and the display made a happy sound. This was my first experience with the Happiness Sharing Spots offered at the Tokyo Disney Resort theme parks during the 30th anniversary celebration.

I soon discovered more of these spots at Tokyo DisneySea. Each spot featured a different mundane-turned-magical item.

There was a magical lamp post…

…magical drinking fountains, a magical pot of flowers, and a magical bench.

At Tokyo Disneyland, I found only two Happiness Sharing Spots, a matching pair of magical cannons.

There were medallions, called Happiness Sharing Pendants, available for purchase at many of the gift shops for 2,500 Yen. When inserted into a shaped well near the Happiness Sharing Spots, the pendants caused the displays to light up even more and sound even happier than when the Mickey’s hand button was pushed.

Festive Decorations

The DisneySea AquaSphere, at the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea, was decorated with Disney characters and Mickey-shaped Happiness Balloons…

…and so was Tokyo Disneyland’s Mickey Mouse flower bed.

Cinderella Castle, inside Tokyo Disneyland, was decorated as well.

And Happiness Year murals graced the interior of at least one of the resort monorails.

Anniversary-themed Merchandise

There were 30th-anniversary-themed items everywhere I looked. I saw cups, towels, figurines, key chains, postcards, magnets, pillows, bags, tissue box covers, plush toys, and many other items.

Anniversary-themed Entertainment

Both the night-time fireworks show and Tokyo Disneyland’s parade had a Happiness Year theme.

The fireworks show, called “Happiness on High,” was visible from both theme parks. Having witnessed the spectacular fireworks shows at Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, I found the short, small-scale Tokyo show underwhelming.

Tokyo Disneyland’s parade, called “Happiness is Here,” was one of my favorite parts of the 30th anniversary celebration. I will never forget standing in the rain (that seemed to get harder by the minute) enjoying the parade along with my fellow Disneyland guests. People young and old smiled and clapped, watching the Disney characters (who subtly sported clear raincoats) ride their floats through the park while the catchy “Happiness is Here” 30th anniversary theme song played. Even in the rain, we were happy. Tokyo Disney Resort lived up to its promise!

Jen (California, USA)

Tokyo Disneyland opened on April 15th, 1983. The 30th anniversary celebration began April 15th, 2013 and runs through March 20th, 2014.

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