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Attending the Blue Carpet Afterparty for the World Premiere of Finding Dory!

~ A photo essay by Jen (California, USA)

After the World Premiere of Finding Dory, there was an afterparty on Hollywood Boulevard!
Jen at the Finding Dory afterparty.
While everyone was inside the theater watching Finding Dory, the carpet area had been transformed into a party venue.
The soundtrack for the festivities was provided by a band who played hits like Abba's "Dancing Queen."
The awesome Dory sand sculpture received final touches throughout the night.
There were numerous activities for the kids, like digging in tubs of sand to find treasure to take home (shells, gold coins, ocean animal figures, etc.) ...
... and crafts like painting ...
... constructing "jellyfish" from cups and yarn ...
... filling shell-shaped bottles with layers of colored sand, and decorating picture frames.
At the photo booth, with the help of a green screen, Dory, Nemo, and Marlin joined me for a photo.
There were food stations ...
... and a dessert table. My favorite: the chocolate-covered cheesecake pops!
The Aquarium of the Pacific hosted touch tanks that attracted curious kids and adults.
There was also the coolest inflatable playhouse I've ever seen.
Another popular attraction was the bubble station. The kids (including Hayden Rolence (right), who voices Nemo in Finding Dory) were delighted to create big bubbles using the provided wands.
As I watched the children's bubbles rise up above Hollywood Boulevard, I couldn't help imagining that each one held a wish, like the one I made years ago, when I dreamed of attending the premiere of Finding Dory. I still couldn't quite believe that, over those past few incredible hours, my dream had come true!

My next wish? I hope there's a Finding Nemo 3!

The World Premiere of Finding Dory was held on June 8, 2016, at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, USA.


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