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So You’re Going to a Movie Premiere!

The Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Hit the Red Carpet

If you've been invited to a movie premiere, you're probably wondering what to wear and what the experience will be like. Here are 10 tips that will help you have a magical time.

1. Wear an outfit that makes you feel like a star.

You don't have to spend a lot of money or even necessarily go shopping. Unless you're a celebrity, you probably won't be photographed on the red carpet, so what matters the most is that you wear something that makes you feel special. For my first premiere, I went to Marshalls and got an inexpensive, long, flowing dress that made me feel like a princess. It gave me the extra bit of confidence that I needed to float around the premiere and afterparty like I belonged there.

If you have no idea what to wear, check out celebrity red carpet photos for recent, similar movie premieres by doing an image search online. Daytime premieres (eg. animated movies) are often more casual than evening premieres. Non-celebrities are usually dressed a little less formally than celebrities, however if you have a red-carpet look that you'd like to wear, go for it.

2. Bring a photo ID and a copy of whatever confirmation information you have to the will-call tent.

Unless you are a big-name celebrity and your limousine will be dropping you off on the red carpet, you will need to check in at a will-call tent to receive your tickets. If for some reason there is a mix-up and your name is not on their list, you will need to provide information to allow your invitation to be confirmed. Having this information immediately available (including the name of the person who confirmed the invitation) gives me piece of mind.

Will call area at the Planes premiere
Will call area at the Planes premiere

3. When you check in at will call, check whether you are invited to the afterparty.

After the premiere, an afterparty (see below) is usually held at a nearby location. Generally, not everyone who is invited to the movie premiere is invited to the afterparty. If you are invited, you will usually be given a special pass that you will need in order to enter the party.

4. Be prepared NOT to walk the red carpet.

You might be surprised to learn that not everyone who goes to a red carpet premiere gets to walk the red carpet. I was. At my first premiere, I was ushered into the theater lobby through a side entrance.

Unless you're a celebrity, you will most likely bypass the red-carpet area where the news media and photographers interview the celebs. At some premieres, you'll be escorted into the theater through a side entrance; at others you will walk a roped-off portion of the carpet.

Bonus thing to know: The red carpet might not be red!

This probably isn't essential for you to know in advance, but don't count on the red carpet being red. Nowadays, carpets come in all colors. For example, white (Disney's Frozen), black (Divergent), green (Lion King 3D), light-blue (Finding Dory), red with an airplane runway (Disney's Planes).

5. If you bring your camera or cell phone, be prepared to check it.

Before entering the theater auditorium, there is usually an area where security staff collect any cameras or phones. They return these after the movie. Guests must often pass through a metal detector and get "wanded" after the checkpoint. If small bags are allowed, they are usually searched.

6. Beverages and popcorn at the concessions stand are probably free.

The buckets of popcorn and beverages that you see sitting on the concessions stand counter at a red-carpet movie premiere are usually free for the taking. If you're not sure, stand back and watch for a minute.

7. Inside the theater, celebrities do not expect to be approached by fans.

Once inside the theater, you will see celebrities socializing with their friends and colleagues. Because cameras, press, and fans are not generally allowed inside the theater, celebrities are generally not approached by people that they don't know.

8. The movie screening IS the event.

When it's time for the screening, there might be a quick introduction by the director, and then the movie, without any preview trailers, is screened in its entirety. After the screening is over everyone leaves.

9. If you are invited to the afterparty, GO!

Even if it's late. Even if you have plans the next day. Every afterparty that I've attended has been amazing. Generally, they have excellent theming appropriate to the movie, entertainment, and a tasty buffet. Sometimes, small movie-themed gifts are given out as party favors. Cameras are sometimes allowed at the afterparty. Most people don't take too many photographs, however taking a photo or two of yourself and your guest shouldn't raise eyebrows.

10. Relax and enjoy yourself.

These were the only words of advice given to me, before my very first movie premiere, by a friend's friend who is a Hollywood publicist (coincidentally, she happened to be at that premiere with one of her clients), and it was the advice that I needed the most: "Relax and enjoy yourself!"

My first movie premiere was very important to me because I was actually in the movie (I had a very small speaking role). I was extremely nervous because I wanted the experience to be special, and, because I forced myself to follow her advice, it was magical … even though I had to figure out tips 1-9 by myself.

May your movie premiere experience be just as magical!

Jen (California, USA)

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