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Jen's Musical Theater Bucket List

    School of Rock on Broadway
Are you looking for shows to add to your musical theater bucket list? Below are the musicals that I can't wait to see, along with a list of my favorite Broadway musicals of all time. What shows are on your bucket list?

Jen (California, USA)

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Jen's Musical Theater Bucket List


Once I heard "She Used to Be Mine" (by the very-talented Sara Bareilles), I was hooked. I can't wait to see this show!

Come From Away
Remarkable true story of a small town that became a temporary home for stranded travelers on September 11, 2001. I can't wait to see this on stage!


Jen’s List of Bucket-List-Worthy Musicals

School of Rock
Adorable kids become a rock band with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen
"Waving Through a Window" and "Only Us" are some of my favorite songs ever! Dear Evan Hansen makes those of us who feel unheard feel a little less alone.

Jekyll and Hyde
The story of Jekyll and Hyde certainly doesn’t sound like musical-theater-material, but this turns out to be a great, but dark, show. The numbers "This Is The Moment" and "A New Life" are showstoppers.

Mamma Mia Broadway
Mamma Mia!
ABBA songs, like "Money, Money, Money," "Dancing Queen," and "Take a Chance on Me," expertly woven into an engaging story.

Catch Me if You Can
A teen becomes a world class con artist. It’s a fun time, starting with the opening number, "Live in Living Color."

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
A young man whose brothers try to kill him becomes a celebrated hero. Despite the fratricide attempt, it turns out to be a good time! Funny songs, like "One More Angel In Heaven" and "Those Canaan Days."

Sister Act
A woman in the witness protection program (who has a larger-than-life personality) is hidden in a convent where she must pretend to be a nun. A fun musical. I walked out of the theater with "Raise Your Voice" stuck in my head!

Billy Elliot musical
Billy Elliot the Musical
Little boy who lives in a place where little boys are supposed to grow up to be coal miners, discovers his exceptional talent as a ballet dancer. The triple-threat talent of the boys who play Billy is impressive. The story is endearing. The songs, like "The Letter" and "Electricity," are touching.

Les Miserables
Les Miserables
A musical look at the troubles of some people in Paris. Sounds boring, but isn’t. Almost ever word is sung rather than spoken, and the music (with songs like "One Day More," "On My Own," and "Who Am I?") is epic!

Into the Woods
A retelling of children’s stories in a not-so-appropriate-for-children way. Inventive songs, like "Into the Woods" and "Your Fault." Fun story with an important message.

Lion King musical
The Lion King
A lion grows from cub to king. I'm amazed by the creative, beautiful way that the animal characters can be portrayed by actors and puppeteers. The opening number, "Circle of Life," makes my heart swell.

Miss Saigon musical
Miss Saigon
A woman who has lost everything is forced to sell herself. A tragic story, but the music is beautiful. "The Last Night of the World," "I Still Believe," and "Bui-Doi" are heart-wrenching.

Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera
A disfigured man haunts a theater. Eerie songs, like "Music of the Night" and "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again." Watching this show in a beautiful Broadway theater makes the story feel real!

Secret Garden
An angry, orphaned little girl transforms herself and all those around her when she discovers a magical garden. Surprisingly funny. Beautiful songs, like "I Heard Someone Crying" and "Lily's Eyes."

A little girl uses her strong spirit to inspire others. The show is fun and uplifting. I love when the orphans sing "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile."

Beauty and the Beast
A young woman who is "different" finds her place in the world and meets her true love. This musical theater version of the 1991 Disney movie by the same name has some excellent songs that are not in the movie, like "Home" and "If I Can't Love Her." The Beast's transformation at the end of the show is magical!

Set before and during the Wizard of Oz story, this show offers up a possible back-story for some of the characters. In Wicked, Dorothy is not the star; she only sort-of makes an appearance. It’s interesting to get some “insight” into why the Wizard of Oz characters are how they are. Great songs, like "Popular," "Defying Gravity," and "For Good."

Young people living in NYC struggle with life and death. Not a feel-good musical, but the music is great, with songs like "Seasons of Love" and "Light My Candle."

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