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 On the BLACK carpet at the Divergent premiere

~ A photo essay by Jen (California, USA)*

When my friend and I arrived at Regency's Village Theatre, about two hours before the Divergent premiere was scheduled to start, we joined fans along the barricade to check out the action on the red ... wait no ... the BLACK carpet!
I couldn't resist taking a selfie with the carpet's Divergent logo.
One by one, celebrities, including actress Bellamy Young (pictured), made their way along the carpet.
Divergent's author, Veronica Roth, looked absolutely stunning in her black dress.
Most of the celebrities, including Divergent's director, Neil Burger, stopped to greet fans.
Jaden Smith moved so fast that this was the only photo that I got of him.
Kate Winslet looked like a star in her red dress.

We would have liked to watch all of the celebrities arrive, especially Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Ansel Elgort, but it was almost time for the movie to start, and so we checked in and headed to the theater.
The movie was playing at two theaters: Regency's Village Theatre ...
... and Regency's Bruin Theatre.
[Another selfie]
In the packed theater auditorium, my friend and I spotted some of the celebrities that we'd just seen on the carpet, including Maggie Q in her revealing, Dauntless-style dress.

Without previews or announcements, the movie began. Here's what I thought of Divergent.

There was an afterparty at the Armand Hammer Museum, but we didn't have an invitation for that, and so my friend and I headed home.

The premiere of Divergent was held on March 18th, 2014,
at Regency's Village Theatre and Regency's Bruin Theatre in Westwood, California, USA.

*Jen won two complimentary tickets to the premiere of Divergent.

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