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I went to a Big Bang Theory taping!


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Do "guaranteed" tickets really guarantee admission?

From your experience, did all the people with a "guaranteed" ticket make it into the Big Bang taping (if they arrived within the 90 minutes suggested time)?

Still can't believe I will get the chance to see my favourite show on my USA holiday. I will come all the way from Germany ;)

Corrina (Germany)

Jen's Response:
Congratulations on getting a "guaranteed" ticket to The Big Bang Theory! To the best of my knowledge, everyone with a "guaranteed" ticket is admitted to the taping if they arrive by the suggested arrival time stated on their ticket. However, I would suggest arriving much earlier. Guests are seated by the Audiences Unlimited representatives, and the best seats seem to be given out first.

When my friend and I attended a taping in December 2013, we arrived about three hours before showtime and we were numbers 29 and 30 in the "guaranteed"-ticketholders' line. We were seated in the right center section (as you face the stage), four rows back, just one row behind some of the VIP seats.

We have standby tickets and will arrive early. Where do we wait?

We have standby tickets for TBBT and plan on being there in early morning....but I know Ellen will have a line there too.....so are the lines clearly marked? Ellen vs Big Bang?? And Standby vs Guaranteed??? Would not be cool to wait all day in wrong line!!!

Cindi (Missouri, USA)

Jen's Response:
When you arrive at the Warner Bros. Studios parking structure there will be uniformed Warner Bros. security officers on hand. Ask them to direct you to the appropriate place to wait. At the most recent Big Bang Theory taping that I attended, the waiting area for those who arrived very early was located just outside the Warner Bros. Studios Gate 3 parking structure in an uncovered outdoor parking lot. There were two unlabeled lines there, one for standby and one for "guaranteed"-admission ticketholders. I asked the potential audience members in the queues which was which. Once the Ellen DeGeneres Show audience was admitted to their show, the Big Bang Theory lines were moved inside the parking structure to the formal audience waiting area by representatives of Audiences Unlimited.

There are photos of the Warner Bros. Studios Gate 3 parking structure audience waiting area when it is set up for the Ellen DeGeneres Show here. As you can see, Ellen's lines are clearly labeled to help prevent anyone ending up in line for the wrong show.

If in doubt at any point during your visit, it doesn't hurt to ask someone in charge. During all of my visits to Warner Bros. Studios, the Warner Bros. security guards always seemed happy to help.

He has a "guaranteed" ticket; she has a standby ticket.

My girlfriend and I got two tickets. However, due to the limited tickets and how hard it was to get the tickets, I got a "guaranteed" ticket while she got a standby ticket. We plan to arrive around 12, so should we bring our own food? Will we wait in line together, or be separated and have different seating locations as well?


Jen's Response:
Congratulations on getting tickets! As you are aware, your guaranteed ticket offers you fairly certain admission (barring any unforeseen circumstances), but your girlfriend will be admitted only if space permits after all of the VIP and guaranteed ticketholders have been admitted. During my most recent visit to The Big Bang Theory, the gentleman behind me in the guaranteed line was facing the same issue as the one that you describe; here's how he handled it. Your girlfriend might consider arriving earlier than noon if she wants to increase the likelihood that she is admitted, especially if the episode is the first or last of the season or is special in some other way (eg. popular guest star).

Some ticket holders brought food to eat while in the waiting area. There are vending machines with snack foods and drinks and restrooms in the waiting area.

You can certainly wait with your girlfriend in the standby line until the guaranteed ticket holders' line begins to form. Guaranteed ticket holders are seated before the standby ticket holders. Generally the most desirable seats are filled first. If she is admitted, your girlfriend will likely be seated in a separate location in the audience. If you would like to be seated together, you can ask the Audiences Unlimited representatives if you can wait with her in the standby line (forfeiting your "guaranteed" status) or if they have any other alternatives that would allow the two of you to be seated together.

I hope that both you and your girlfriend are admitted and that you have a wonderful time at the Big Bang Theory taping!

Our standby experience

Hi, I went to the taping of The Big Bang Theory of December 10, 2013 (when Penny proposed...) with 2 standby tickets. We arrived at 2pm and were the 32nd and 33rd in line. Some people arrived at 8:30 am!

We waited outside like for 1 hr 30 minutes, and then we waited in the parking lot (seated) while they counted us, checked our tickets and gave us numbers... I thought all of us were going to get in because they were giving everyone a number.. but don't get expectations with this.. Then they start letting people in like around 5pm, the guaranteed ones first, then the first 10, like 30 minutes later the next 10... To make it short, in this taping only 40 standby got in, and all the other people were sent home like around 6pm...

If you have standby tickets and want to get in, arrive no later than 2 pm, and if you do, count the people in line and decide what to do...

LF (New York, USA)

Jen's Response:
I'm glad that you got in to see the taping! I was at the same taping, but with guaranteed tickets, and so thank you so much for sharing your standby experience and advice.

What time to arrive with "guaranteed" tickets?

Hi there, I can't describe how stoked I am since I'm going to The Big Bang Theory taping tomorrow with a "guaranteed" ticket!!! What time do you think I should be there if I have a "guaranteed" ticket?

Andie (California, USA)

Jen's Response:
Congratulations on getting a "guaranteed" ticket to The Big Bang Theory! The advantage to arriving earlier than the time stated on your ticket is that you might get a better seat. Guests are seated by the Audiences Unlimited representatives, and, with the exception of the pre-assigned VIP seats, the best seats are generally given out first.

When my friend and I attended a taping in December 2013, we arrived about three hours before showtime and we were numbers 29 and 30 in the "guaranteed"-ticketholders' line. We were seated in the right center section (as you face the stage), four rows back, just one row behind some of the VIP seats.

Our standby experience

Just came back from LA! I had standby tickets and I got in to see the taping! We arrived around 11:30am and were able to park in gate 3 garage. :) We were the 16/17 person in line. The first person arrived around 8:30am from what I heard. Waiting was not too bad. We brought some things to keep us entertained and took turns walking down the street, etc.

They didn't move us inside [to the waiting area inside the parking garage] until 3:30pm and it wasn't until shortly after 4pm that they gave us our numbers. From there on it was a waiting game. They took the first 10 or so [standby people], and it wasn't until 6ish that they let another 10-12 of us in. We sat at the end of the stage, right in front of Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. We were in the last row on that side. Pretty decent seats as a lot of the filming was done on that end. After us they probably let in another 20 people and that was about it, but they sat on the opposite end in front of the Cheesecake Factory set and didn't get to see as much.

I'm so happy to have gotten the chance to see a taping! It was super fun to watch. The only downside to it was that the "prizes"/ audience participation games were pretty much always given to or chosen from the middle two sections (which is where they sat the guaranteed/VIPs). He never looked at the end sections very much if at all.

Either way it was great!!

Stella (Canada)

Jen's Response:
I'm so glad that you got to see the taping! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Where to park? What to do while waiting?

I managed to get 2 standby tickets to an upcoming [taping of The Big Bang Theory]! I'm coming from Canada so I hope I get in. Is there anything you can do while waiting before you check in? Are you allowed to have your phone/ipad for entertainment while you wait? Is it better to park on the street or in the parking garage?

Stella (Canada)

Jen's Response:
Congratulations on getting standby tickets. Due to the popularity of the show, it is getting more difficult to get admitted to Big Bang Theory filmings with standby tickets. If this will be your only opportunity to attend a taping, I would suggest that you arrive very early to increase your chances of getting admitted (for the taping that I attended in December 2013, the first standby ticket holder arrived 10 hours before showtime). The pages do not generally arrive until about 3 hours before showtime to start checking in guests and issuing line numbers.

My friend and I kept our phones with us during most of our wait. Once received our check in numbers, we had enough time to put our phones in our cars.

The Warner Bros. Studios' Gate 3 parking structure is not generally available to audience members until approximately two hours before showtime, but you can check with the security officer to find out whether there is space available for you to park there earlier in the day. Street parking in the surrounding area is very restricted, so check signs carefully before you park there.

I hope you are admitted to the taping and that you have a wonderful time! Please come back and share your experience!

How do we get tickets?

We live in Australia & are coming to the USA on 26th may 2014. We love The Big Bang Theory & would love to get tickets. We are starting in New York & driving all around & finish in Los Angeles about 7-15th July can you tell me how to get tickets to the show before we leave Australia. Thank you so much.

Denice (Australia)

Jen's Response:
Unfortunately, The Big Bang Theory will probably be on hiatus in July. The 2012-2013 season finale was filmed on April 16th, 2013, and the 2013-2014 season premiere was filmed August 20th, 2013.  Although most sitcoms are also on hiatus in July, there may be an opportunity to attend a TV taping or taping during your stay. The website that I used to obtain my Big Bang Theory tickets is tvtickets.com. Available tickets are generally posted 30 days prior to the show date.

There are plenty of other great things to do in Los Angeles, including taking a tour of Warner Bros. Studios, where The Big Bang Theory is filmed (see next comment below).

Your trip sounds wonderful! I'd love to hear about it when you get back!

What is there to do in the Burbank/Los Angeles area?

Thank you for sharing your experience- got a chance to vicariously experience what you did. I live in Northern California & wonder, should I ever get lucky enough to score a ticket, is there anything else one can do in the area?

Betty (California, USA)
Jen's response:
There's lots to do in the Los Angeles/Burbank area. Warner Bros. Studios, where The Big Bang Theory is filmed, offers 2 hour and 25 minute VIP Studio Tours that take you, on a large golf cart, around the studio's backlot sets and into a soundstage or two. I did it many years ago and got some cool photos of myself with some of the backlot sets. There are more ideas of things to do in the Los Angeles area, including some awesome hikes, on My Dream Came True's Los Angeles Bucket List page. If you want to make it a multi-day trip, you could spend a day at Disneyland (about 40 minutes southeast) or Universal Studios Hollywood (practically next door to Warner Bros. Studios, about 5 minutes away).

Going to a Big Bang Theory taping is on my bucket list!

It is my life dream to see The Big Bang Theory live in a studio audience! I want to see Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper soooo BAD!!! I hope I can someday. It's the number one thing on my Bucket List. <3

Kristin (Missouri, USA)

Are there restrooms available?

I got my standby tickets:) Are there bathrooms we can use there?

Carina (Arizona, USA)

Jen's response:
There were nice, clean restrooms for audience members to use inside the parking garage near the audience waiting area.

Congrats on getting standby tickets! Be sure to get there very early to increase your chances of getting admitted to the taping (for the taping that I attended in December 2013, the first standby ticket holder arrived 14 hours before showtime). I hope you have a wonderful time!

How do I search for tickets online?

Thank you for your great story. I noticed that you said you were surfing Saturday evening when you spotted the standby tickets (NOT SOLD OUT). I search day and night for a ticket to TBBT. I am a mega-fan and want to do this.

Any idea what the optimal day/time is for new postings?

Thanks again.

Tom (Arizona, USA)

Jen's response:
According to the tvtickets.com website, "FREE TICKETS are offered online for most shows starting 30 days prior to show date. Our show calendar automatically updates around 8:30am (M-F Los Angeles time) to display shows scheduled for the next 30 days."

In my experience, tickets for The Big Bang Theory are generally posted on tvtickets.com about 30 days prior to the show date on Mondays at around 8:00AM.

Good luck! I hope you get to attend a taping!

The Big Bang Theory is great!

I first started watching The Big Bang Theory two years ago. I'm sorry I missed the first years. My wife and I watch every chance we get. Great show.

Larry Jo (Michigan, USA)

Can we meet the cast?

That is so cool that you managed to see a live taping of the show!! I am actually trying to get tickets for the next show as a surprise birthday present. Is there any chance we might be able to meet any of the stars?

Jack (California, USA)

Jen's response:
After the taping, one or two of the actors might walk up to the railing and quickly autograph a few lucky audience members' complimentary programs (given out at the taping). This may not happen at every taping.

Good luck!

Our standby experience

My friend and I had standby tickets for the Big Bang Theory taping on January 17th, 2012. We arrived almost two hours before the 6:30 PM showtime, but did not make it in because the show reached capacity.

One of the last standby ticket holders to be admitted said that he had arrived about three hours before showtime. That man said that the audience waiting area was not open when he arrived and that he was told to join a line outside the parking structure until the audience waiting area opened.

Here's a photo of the audience waiting area taken as we were leaving:

Audience waiting area for some of the shows filmed at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California, including Big Bang Theory, Ellen, and Two & a Half Men. People can get free tickets to be in the live studio audience.

Anonymous (California, USA)

Can we eat while waiting and during the taping?

Thank you very much for sharing your story! I am happy to report that my wife and I managed to get standby tickets for an upcoming show. Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but what did you do for food & drinks? Did you pack your own food, purchase it once on the lot, did they provide some, or did you simply starve all evening? I could not find information on this anywhere, and since I'm hypoglycemic I at least need to bring a rescue bar in case my blood sugar drops too much. Any tips appreciated!

Nick (California, USA)

Jen's response:
Congratulations on getting standby tickets!

At the Big Bang Theory taping that we attended, they surprised us with (at no cost) a small bottle of water, one slice of cheese pizza, and a fun size candy bar. This was not promised in advance and could change. Before the taping, in the audience waiting area of the parking garage, we saw people eating food that they had brought with them. There were also drink and snack vending machines in the audience waiting area of the parking garage. There were no opportunities for us to purchase food on the Warner Bros. lot.

My purse was searched by security before we entered the lot. I'm not sure whether I would have been prevented from bringing in any food, but, inside the lot, I did not see any audience members with their own food.

To be safe, I would bring whatever food you need for your medical condition along with a note from your doctor.

I hope you have a great time!

Going to a Big Bang Theory taping is on my bucket list!

Still trying to get tickets for The Big Bang Theory by checking every day. It took me almost 2 years to get tickets to Two and a Half Men, but I did (too bad Charlie was replaced by then), so I have faith I will one day see my Sheldon and his friends in person. Until then, I will watch every Thursday and the reruns in between.

Janet (California, USA)

Going to a Big Bang Theory taping is on my bucket list!

Wow!!! TBBT is my favorite show and I really hope to go to a taping of it in the coming year. And, like you, I see that it isn't so easy-peasy to obtain tickets- so I must step up my game...
Thanks so much for the details. You are a really good writer and I feel as if I had been right there with ya! Wish me luck!! :-)

Wanda (California, USA)

Jen's response:
Good luck, Wanda!

Great review of a Big Bang Theory taping!

Wow!!!! What a pleasant story. The way you described it it was as if I was there with you guys. Excellent!!! Thank you very much.

Nick (Greece)

Going to a Big Bang Theory taping is on my bucket list!

Lucky you!!! I loved reading about your experience! I've checked often for Big Bang Theory tickets for a couple years and they are always gone. I live in NorCal, so I really can't do the standby. I've seen the set on a tour, and I felt so lucky just for that, hee hee! :)

Bridget (California, USA)

What do I do when I arrive?

I am planning to [arrive for the Big Bang Theory taping] early because I have standby tickets. Does that mean that when I arrive, I don't get into the line with guaranteed tickets? Do I make my own line when I arrive? Thanks.

Ida (USA)

Jen's response:
If you arrive very early, the security staff will tell you where to wait. There are separate lines for "guaranteed" ticket holders and standby ticket holders.

Our taping experience before there were standby and "guaranteed" tickets

I'm so glad you enjoyed your experience. My wife and I attended tapings of Big Bang in March of 09 and February of this year. This was prior to them changing the ticket availability this season to the guaranteed and the standby.

We had arrived about 3 p.m. for both of the tapings we attended to help ensure that we got in. I don't know how many guaranteed tickets they now issue for each show but the biggest problem previously, and probably now with the standby tickets, is how many VIP's are attending on any given night. These are the friends of cast, crew, network affiliates, etc. and they are the first to be seated. So this can play a major role in how many standby get in. If you want to get in, arrive early. And it's not as boring as it may sound. You'll have the chance to visit with other fans and will be amazed at how fast the time goes by. Plus the times we went the Warner parking folks didn't care if we arrived early...they let us in anyway. And that was the same for the Two And A Half Men episode we went to.

Steve (Iowa, USA)

How early should we arrive with a standby ticket?

Nice experience. I got a ticket and my friend just got a standby ticket. Do you have some suggestion or hint about how to get in with a standby ticket? I know someone who got a standby ticket who will be there at noon, 6 hours before the show taping. It is a really popular show...thanks...

Lindsay (California, USA)

Jen's response:
Be sure to get there very early to increase your chances of getting admitted to the taping (for the taping that I attended in December 2013, the first standby ticket holder arrived 10 hours before showtime).

Make sure you read the parking instructions that you printed out with your ticket if you plan to try to park in the Warner Bros. Studios parking garage. Read the street signs if you park on the street. Also, bring your government issued photo ID; you can't check in without it.

I hope that you and your friend get into the Big Bang Theory taping and that you have a great time!

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~ Jen (California, USA)*


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